Our purpose, is to simplify the lives of people in Latin America by transforming their shopping experiences. Technological disruption, climate change, and a more empowered and informed consumer have all led us to rethink the way we do things and how we approach future challenges. It is for this purpose that we have developed a Physical and Digital Ecosystem that will enable us to strengthen our value proposal towards our customers. We are promoting a profound cultural transformation and a new way of working to face these challenges in the coming years, adding capabilities that are already a part of our value proposition and including new ones. In this context, we understand the need to become an agile and flexible organization, maintaining our tradition of always having the customer and our collaborators at the center of our entire management efforts. The permanent cultural transformation we are driving is based on living and promoting our corporate values, which are the key to the development of our strategy, and stand as a guide for our day to day operations. We work towards this goal daily, driven by our values, the engine of our actions.

Falabella has

7.2 Bn gross loans
+125 stores 

click & collect 

The key to our leadership is our ability to attract and grow talent, and to engineer top-flight teams with a focus on innovation and results.

Our Businesses

Falabella Retail

Home Improvement


Falabella Financiero



Falabella Retail

With presence in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, Falabella is the largest retail platform in Latin America, represented through large stores, both physical and online, where it sells products for personal and household use, featuring strong private labels, exclusive international brands, as well as local and second-class brands.


private labels and exclusive brands


Click & Collect points


regional distribution centers

As of march 2018

Home Improvement

  • Sodimac Homecenter
  • Sodimac Constructor
  • Imperial
  • Dicico
  • Sodimac Dicico
  • Maestro

With presence in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico, Sodimac is the main commercial company for construction materials and articles for home improvement in Latin America. It has developed a business model with different store formats (Sodimac Homecenter, Sodimac Constructor, Imperial, Homy, Dicico, Sodimac Dicico and Maestro) to support companies, specialized labor and families, in their projects.


private labels and exclusive brands


Click & Collect points


regional distribution centers

As of march 2018


  • Tottus
  • Hiperbodega Precio Uno

Tottus commenced operations in Peru in 2002 and two years later expanded into Chile. It operates hypermarkets, supermarkets, Hiperbodega Precio Uno in Peru (convenient price format) and has an e-commerce platform.


private labels and exclusive brands

90 MIN

Delivery in in Santiago, Chile


distribution centers
in the region


centralized bakery
production center in Lima

As of march 2018

Falabella Financiero

  • CMR
  • Banco Falabella
  • Seguros Falabella
  • CF Seguros de Vida

With presence in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and recently in Mexico, Falabella Financiero is the largest issuer of credit cards in Chile and Peru. Founded in 1989 with the aim of offering credit access to department store customers, it has evolved into a comprehensive provider that also includes banking, insurance and travel services.

Mn US$ 1.963

Financial Business Revenue

Mn US$ 7.214

Gross Loan Portfolio


Growth in Products Purchased Online

As of September 2019


  • Mallplaza
  • Falabella Inmobiliario

Falabella S.A. operates and manages shopping centers in Chile, Peru and Colombia, through two companies:

  • Mallplaza, which operates in Chile, Peru and Colombia, is one of the main shopping center chains in Latin America, thanks to its comprehensive value proposal, which combines commitment with the communities, concern for the environment and a strong link with the dissemination of culture.
  • Falabella Inmobiliario, which is present in Chile (through Rentas Falabella) and Peru, operates smaller scale shopping centers, with an attractive range of anchors, smaller stores and entertainment.


Total GLA


m2 of additional GLA in free standing


million visits to our shopping centers

+ 79%

EBITDA Margin Mallplaza LTM

As of march 2018


Linio connects consumers and sellers across Latin America. With presence in 5 Latin American countries, Linio reaches a potential audience of more than 250 million people among Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Through our marketplace, consumers can access a wide range of products from more than 6,000 sellers, including those available on Falabella, Sodimac and Tottus.

We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help sellers to engage with their customers in Latin America.




NMV growth 3Q19

+70% YoY

Increase in visits

+204% YoY

App net downloads 3Q19

+2 MM


+20 MM

Monthly Visits

Our Geographical Footprint

We have a strong network of stores in the region, which allows us to be close to our customers and strengthen our logistics capabilities.

Our History

Falabella has been forged with hard work and austerity. We have sought to do things well, with passion and taking care of the details, putting the client in the center, working as a team, reinventing ourselves over and over again and taking care of our suppliers as strategic partners.