Governance, ethics and compliance

The company has a governance, ethics and compliance structure that allows it to adequately manage regulatory risks via compliance programs, in matters such as crime prevention, ethics, free competition, the environment and protection of consumer rights. All our compliance programs contain regulatory elements via which the expected behaviors of employees are defined, as well as the consequences in case of non-compliance; communication elements that disseminate the conduct expectation that is expected of collaborators, and must be transmitted from the highest level in the organization and across its entire structure; execution elements, which are those by which practical application of the regulatory elements of our programs is conducted; and, control elements by means of which the correct application or execution thereof is verified. Via the aforementioned structure, we manage compliance risks continuously and report the management indicators that measure the effectiveness of our programs on a quarterly basis.

Our Programs:

  • Ethics Program
  • Crime Prevention Program
  • Free Competition Program
  • Environmental Program
  • Personal Data Protection Program