Integral Employee Development

Collaborators are the most important component for the growth and transformation that we live permanently, and therefore the promotion of a culture based on meritocracy, agility, inclusion and collaboration, is what moves us forward every day. Therefore, Falabella and each of its subsidiaries has a people management strategy based on 3 pillars: Agile Talent, Constructive Culture and Flexible Organization.

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Search, management and retention of talents

Talent management is a pivotal pillar of our ecosystem and therefore, we value and work on the professional and personal development of our collaborators. We seek to provide tools that enable the enhancement skills and promote spaces for integral development, which value and recognize our collaborators’ achievements, merits, performance and skills.

We are continuously providing training and academic education programs which enable people to realize their professional growth plans.

During 2020, a total of 2,880,605 hours of training were performed, which represents an average of 34 hours per worker per year.


The value of being yourself: Diversity and Inclusion

Our team includes over 10 nationalities, we have a 50% women representation and we serve 30 million customers across the region. Diversity is part of our identity. The biggest challenge is to understand inclusion as a strategic and fundamental value in the way we build the future.

In this same sense, Falabella's Diversity and Inclusion Policy sets its commitment to: i) respect and protect the dignity of all people; ii) promote an inclusive and diverse work environment; and iii) reject any arbitrary discrimination. It also creates standards, structures and common processes, with special emphasis on three Inclusion Groups: Gender, Sexual Diversity and People with Disabilities.

  • As of December 2020, 50% of total headcount of Falabella were women.
  • We have 43,482 (40.7%) Chilean collaborators, 35,159 (32.9%) Peruvians, 16,002 (15%) Colombians and 22,885 (21.4%) from other nationalities.
  • The ratio of the average base salaries of our female workers to the average base salaries of our male workers is:
    • 100% for other collaborators
    • 88% for Professionals and technicians
    • 66% for Managers and Executives

Good place to work

to promote a collaborative environment and a healthy balance between personal and work-life, it was essential to develop a series of programs and benefits seeking to improve the quality of life of all our employees and their families. In addition, the well-being of employees is periodically analyzed through workplace assessments. Some of the Falabella Companies participate in the Great Place to Work survey, which we undertake ourselves and subsequently use to define goals as part of our commitment to our collaborators.


Labor flexibility

one way in which we pursue the development and retention of talent, as well asthe quality of life of our workers, is that several of the Falabella Companies have implemented work flexibility plans, with flexible entry and exit times, the possibility of certain days of work outside the office, leave without pay, and other flexible work initiatives.

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The health and safety of our employees

is a priority for the Falabella Companies, which is why we have policies that seek to prevent occupational risks and promote a healthy environment. Peer committees composed of collaborators and administrators are in charge of ensuring the health and well-being of their colleagues in their respective facilities. In conjunction with the above, these committees carry out courses, campaigns and inspections with the aim of minimizing risks and managing them. Thanks to these initiatives we have been able to reduce our accident rate, which is constantly monitored in each of the businesses.