Satisfaction of our customers

we seek to deliver the best shopping experience, trying to ensure the quality and safety of the products offered to the public, the services provided and the company's facilities.

  • Our strategic priority is omnichannel and technological development, which responds to an increasingly digital and dynamic consumer. We firmly believe in the complementarity of the physical and online channel, which through our scale allows us to gain efficiencies in the processes.
  • We watch over the privacy of our customers. With the digitalization of the company we must strengthen our security networks and the protection of our customers' data.
  • Contact channels are maintained with customers and there are feedback mechanisms that allow us to receive their concerns regarding the products and services offered, seeking to deliver a fast and accurate response.
  • We promote transparency in the relationship with customers, seeking the delivery of clear and accurate information about products and services that we offer to the public, as well as the different contracts that clients can subscribe to in their relationship with the company.
  • We try to ensure that our ads are responsible, that they promote lifestyles with care and concern for the environment and for people, and seek to avoid the possibility of any unwanted impact upon consumers.