Creating Social Value

We want to be leaders in creating programs that bring benefits to the majority. To achieve this, we work on skills installation and creation of long-term partnerships enabling us to contribute by improving the living conditions of children, teens and communities where Falabella has a presence.


Programa Haciendo Escuela

Via the School Sponsorship Program, Falabella Retail seeks to build a better future for children and their families, providing comprehensive support for schools near stores, distribution centers and central offices, actively involving its workers.

The program is present in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, from where 4 pillars are deployed:

  • Academic Fundamental: whose objective is to develop programs to promote reading in 1st grade.
  • Expanding horizons: which seeks to inspire and awaken the interest of students by using games and extracurricular activities such as sports, digitization, healthy eating, music, caring for the environment and responsible finances.
  • Digital accessibility and Infrastructure: via which resources are allocated so that the school community has adequate spaces for learning and work, both in schools and at home.
  • Volunteering: various activities with the participation of the Falabella collaborators and involvement with the school community.

As a result of the contingency created by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the suspension of face-to-face classes in all of Chile as of March 2020, Falabella Retail reinforced its commitment to the program and sought to maximize its impact. Adapting to the situation of students in the pandemic, it digitally expanded the program, providing remote learning instances with "Making School at Home." Thanks to the above, it was possible to provide educational continuity to the students of the program, promoting didactic material and basic content on their platforms and Especially in the academic scope, Falabella Retail has created a learning space that allows students to connect with online educational plat - forms, so that they acquire digital skills and knowledge regarding innovation, experimentation, adaptability and continuous learning. The families' reception of this online content was positive: daily visits increased 6x and the online programs reached almost 70,000 users.

77 schools and 57,500 boys and girls in the region benefited from this program, with the continuous support of over 310 company volunteers, who allocated 1,800 hours to the I Am Volunteer program during the year.


Construyendo Sueños de Hogar

Building home dreams: A collaborative and participative community engagement initiative by Sodimac, that involves providing materials and realizing improvement projects to the premises of a range of organizations. This is done via the voluntary work of company collaborators, along with the community.

Throughout the 14 years that have elapsed since its creation, Building Home Dreams has developed 788 projects, providing direct assistance to more than 198,000 people thanks to the participation of over 15,000 volunteers. It should be noted that, in the framework of the celebration of its 20 years in the world, Global Pact recognized Sodimac in Chile for the contribution of the program in reducing inequalities and making cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


Crecer Sano con Tottus

Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal that pro - motes a healthy life and universal well-being, Tottus Chile seeks to contribute to the healthy diet of children and their families in the communities where it is present.

To this end, it has been educating boys and girls on healthy eating habits from pre-kindergarten to 4th grade in municipal schools near its stores since 2014, with the voluntary involvement of company collaborators. During year 2020, Tottus added new schools to the School Sponsorship Program, covering a total of 40 establishments and over 6,000 students. Each of the schools is located in different regions of the country: 31 in the Metropolitan Region, five in the Valparaíso Region, three in O'Higgins and one in the Maule region.


Programa Educación Financiera

Falabella Financiero includes financial education into its corporate strategy, with the conviction that a better informed society is also a more responsible and empowered society in the management of its personal finances.

Due to the above, in 2020 and given the context of the health crisis, it reinforced all the digital media bringing the Eddu program closer to customers, children, collaborators and the community in general. Via online trainings, live streams in social networks, digital tournaments, podcasts, e-Learning, among others, didactic and simple tips were given to manage personal finances and understand their importance. During 2020, more than 13,800 customers and non-customers watched our live streams; more than 2,000 employees were trained via our e-learning; and more than 220,000 people accessed the website The framework of the Edducity digital tournament involved over 45 schools from the School Sponsorship Program, with the presence of more than 400 students from Chile and Colombia, as well as more than 5,300 children who played on


Programa de apoyo al emprendimiento

Mallplaza has an entrepreneurial model that integrates its community, commercial and innovation management, in pursuit of the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem. Thus, it has deployed a bottom-up development model for entrepreneurs based on the management of the company's commercial spaces and the supply of tools enabling them to improve their work.

In Chile, during 2020 0, 164 fairs were held, this way, it was possible to impact more than five thousand entrepreneurs. Along with the above, Mallplaza began the implementation of the “Tiendas Plaza Emprende”, an unprecedented initiative that allows groups of entrepreneurs to make use of premises within Mallplaza shopping centers.


Co-creación de Alianzas

We work along organizations who develop sustainable value in people and communities, and we support them in scaling solutions for the majority. Among the main organizations, we can mention:

  • América Solidaria, with which we work to develop actions contributing to equal opportunities and the overcoming of child poverty on the continent (Falabella Financiero throughout America);
  • Techo, which we support with various donations, construction materials, logistical support, volunteer work and technical advice (Sodimac in Chile, Uruguay and Peru);
  • Fe y Alegría, via which we support its network of schools offering academic and training opportunities to the poorest sectors of society (Tottus and Sodimac in Peru);
  • Fundación Junto al Barrio, with which we work in various neighborhoods to strengthen community organizations and leaders, and improve the livability of urban spaces (Mallplaza and Sodimac in Chile);
  • Corporación Abriendo Puertas, to which we contribute in the social and labor reintegration work for women deprived of freedom (Falabella Retail in Chile);
  • Red de Alimentos y Banco de Alimentos, to which we donate products for consumption, for their corresponding contribution to those who need them most (Tottus in Chile and Peru).
Used paintbrushes of various colors dangling from the ceiling on strings

Relacionamiento Comunitario

Mallplaza seeks to create shared value and long-term relationships with the communities and territories where its shopping centers are located, this being a pillar for the development and consolidation of the company.

In this health emergency context, Mallplaza focused on providing concrete support to the social re - construction and economic reactivation of the territories, identifying opportunities to add value and to consolidate itself as a player that contributes and stimulates development and the local economy. In this way, the Mallplaza Dialogs started in 2019 were continued, holding 85 meetings. This time online, it was possible to maintain a continuous conversation with the neighbors of the shopping centers in the three countries and thus survey their main needs in order to focus the direct aid delivered. Via the above, over 220 residents were impacted and about 12 thousand food kits were delivered.